Client Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Each client must agree to these terms and conditions before I begin any work on any service. See the form below. The sole exception to this stipulation is requested book reviews as they are requests rather than paid services.

Time Frames and Deadlines

Time frames for each project will be discussed and decided upon before work begins. The client will disclose any deadlines prior to the start of work, excepting extenuating circumstances in which a deadline may arise that has not been previously discussed. I will do my best to accommodate deadlines in either case. I reserve the right to alter time frames if the scope of the project requires more work than anticipated, with notice to the client, or if the client fails to meet agreed deadlines during the course of the project.

Service Expectations

Upon accepting this agreement, you are agreeing that I will produce work that meets these service expectations:

  • Proofreading: Checks for and makes corrections to ensure accuracy and consistency in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Copy-editing: Language editing and polishing with a focus on accuracy and consistency in the text as well as flow and clarity; does not involve development editing; does not involve rewriting.
  • Development editing: Language editing and polishing as well as feedback in all areas of development; stops short of rewriting.
  • Beta reading critique: Multi-page report outlining general impressions, areas for improvement, positive feedback, and constructive criticism; may also include my opinion on publishing potential if client is interested.

*In all cases, fee involves checking material a single time. Any subsequent checks will incur an additional fee, excepting first checks of suggested revisions in a project involving development editing.


Any changes made to the agreed upon project and time frame after work has begun could incur additional fees. Costs are to be agreed upon before work begins and are not negotiable thereafter; once work has begun on a project, client has no right to refuse payment for work completed.

Client may terminate a project at any time; however, if work has begun and has not been completed, client will be charged for any and all work completed to the time of termination. If client does not provide necessary feedback within 30 days during a project, without prior notice of unavailability, I will consider client satisfied with the work and will send an invoice for work completed to that point.


Payment schedules will be agreed upon prior to the start of work. Depending on the quoted project cost, new clients will be required to pay half or the entire fee before work begins. A quoted cost of $50 or less requires upfront payment before I will begin work. A quoted cost of more than $50 requires half paid upfront before work begins and the other half paid upon completion of work. Clients with whom I have worked previously and are considered trustworthy and dependable may choose to pay once the work has been completed.

Acceptable forms of payment

My preferred method of payment is PayPal using my editing email address,

If the client is a resident of the U.S., I will also accept personal checks by mail. Details of to whom personal checks will be made out and where to send them will be discussed in private emails only. As a result of the risk of non-sufficient funds with personal checks, I will only accept them prior to commencing work and will only begin work once the check(s) clear unless prior arrangements have been made.

If neither PayPal nor personal checks are an option for a client, I am willing to accept money transfers through Western Union. However, I am unfamiliar with the procedures involved and would prefer this option to remain a last resort.

Payments are due within 10 days of receiving an invoice

I am confident that my clients will be conscious of payment due dates and diligent about making payments on time. However, in the event that payment should remain outstanding without prior arrangements having been discussed and agreed upon by both the client and myself, I reserve the right to charge interest until the outstanding amount has been paid. I will do everything in my power to see that late payments are reconciled.


All projects are copyrighted to the respective client. I do not claim any ownership over work done on any project unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the start of any work done. However, I do reserve the right to include work in my portfolio. If the client wishes his or her work not to be included in my portfolio, an agreement must be reached before I begin work.

*I reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions, with notice to the client, at any point in time.*


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