*Prices are per 1,000 words unless otherwise stated or previously arranged. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice, and projects requiring significantly more or less work may have adjusted prices.*

Proofreading: $2

Copy-editing: $9

Copy-editing Plus: $11

Development editing: $14

Book Critique:

  • Entire book $50 flat fee
  • Per chapter $3 per 1,000 words

Book Review Request: digital or hard copy of book

For more information about these services, please visit my Services page.

Special Offers

  • Free editing sample for new/prospective clients on a piece of writing up to 500 words. One sample per client. Simply contact me requesting your free sample and attach a file of your writing.
  • 15% Referral discount on proofreading/editing services when you refer a friend who decides to hire me for a project. In order to receive the discount, contact me with the name and email address of the person referred; once he or she commits to hiring me for a project, I will contact you with a discount code.
  • 15% Educator discount on proofreading/editing services
  • 10% Student discount on proofreading/editing services
  • 10% U.S. military discount on proofreading/editing services

One discount can be used per client order. I may ask for verification if I deem it necessary to do so.

I am happy to offer these discounts to our educators who train the future generations, to our servicemen and women who ensure that there will be a future, and to the students who are the future.

*I reserve the right to deny any project based solely on my discretion.*


4 responses to “Pricing

  1. me and my boys sign up for having the novel In Blue Poppy Fields proofread in first quarter of this year. lol, Adhemar and Belial are all excited.

  2. Definitely keeping you in mind!

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