Book Reviews

*I am not accepting any book review requests at this time. My schedule is full with client work, my own writing, and trying to read and write reviews for the books I’ve already agreed to review. My apologies.*

Book Review Policy:

Formats accepted: eBook and Print

Reviews posted: Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites on request

Genres accepted: Fiction, LGBT Fiction, Romance/Erotica (gay or all male menage – no hetero romance/erotica), Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction/Romance, Post-Apocalyptic and Speculative Fiction, Steampunk, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Some Non-Fiction

Genres refused: Hetero Romance/Erotica, Biographies/Autobiographies, Memoirs, Inspirational, Political lit, Religious lit, Chick lit, YA, Self-help, Poetry, anything homophobic, purely pornographic lit without excellent writing, well-developed characters, or intricate plot.

Edit: I’m adding Heterosexual Romance/Erotica to genres I will not review. I do not personally find it enjoyable, and it does not benefit me as the reviewer, the author, or the readers for me to read and write a review for a book that I do not enjoy reading.

Series: Books that are part of a series will be read/reviewed in sequential order. Books in a series will be reviewed only if I have already read the previous books or if the author is willing to provide me with copies of the previous books to read first.

*I strongly support self-published and indie authors and prefer to review books from such authors over “traditionally published” books.*

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Book Reviews Written by Jade:

  • Nephilim Prophecy (The God Code) by Adrienne Wilder:

“Anyone who is a fan of gay romance and angels and demons will love this story. I read it almost in one sitting, and it left me aching for more…more of Indigo and Ariel, more of Neko, more of their whole world. A spectacular read.” Read the full review.

  • In Blue Poppy Fields by Ciaran Dwynvil:

“Gripping and emotional, sometimes painfully so, In Blue Poppy Fields is yet another masterpiece…. [Ciaran]‘s unique style of storytelling weaves a mesmerizing tale of the lives of his benefactors, as he affectionately refers to them, in their lust for life and love…. The beautiful writing style, characters that will take hold of your heart and refuse to let go even after the written story ends, catastrophe and triumph, steamy and sensual erotic scenes, heartache, joy….If that sounds like a story you would enjoy, then In Blue Poppy Fields is the book for you.” Read the full review.

  • Busting the Greenhorn by C.C. Williams:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Busting the Greenhorn. It was a fantastic read that held my attention from the first word to the last and was both tender and sensually hot at the same time…. I highly recommend this book to any reader who is a fan of gay romance, gay erotica, BDSM, cowboys, and/or touching love stories.” Read the full review.

  • Magical Night by Karen A. Sullivan:

“I found it an enjoyable read for those who like hot erotic short stories that offer more than just vanilla spankings.” Read the full review.

  • Shifting Gears by Petra Lynn:

“It is a strong debut, and I am eager for a sequel… I would recommend “Shifting Gears” to all readers who like strong male characters, and werewolves, in their [gay] romance.” Read the full review.

  • Trails of Love I Crawl Part 2 by Ciaran Dwynvil:

“I had been so emotionally moved by the tale of lust and love in Part 1 and had grown so attached to all of the characters that I could not wait for the sequel to be published…TOLIC2 tells the tale of these characters’ lives so vividly and powerfully that readers will feel as though they are living the experiences along with the sexy men…A beautifully written work of art, this story left me breathless and desperate for Part 3. If you are a fan of gay erotic fantasy, you don’t want to miss this book!” Read the full review.

  • Trails of Love I Crawl by Ciaran Dwynvil:

“This book is a masterpiece, a written work of art that paints pictures more vivid that the brightest colors and will move your heart and soul with the beauty of the tale it tells…From the first word, it will hold you prisoner until the final word releases you, and even then you will be begging for the sweet torment of love and lust to capture you in its electrifying embrace once again. I definitely recommend that you read this book…you won’t regret it.” Read the full review.

  • Silver by Rhiannon Held:

“The characters were complex and strong, the plot was well thought out, and the entire concept was original…I enjoyed this novel very much and would recommend it to any lover of werewolves, urban fantasy, paranormal romance…or anyone who enjoys a good book.” Read the full review.


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