I am going to use this page to display testimonials that clients have been so kind to give me about my work. It is my hope that reading these testimonials of the experiences that other clients had working with me will make you eager to join the ranks of happy clients.

Jade is an excellent editor and a pleasure to work with. She is always prompt with responding to inquiries, and she always has the manuscript back to me prior to the deadline we agreed upon. She catches all of the little errors and typos, and more importantly, she catches issues with awkward POV shifts and story incongruity. I’m so grateful to have found an editor who is good at her job and easy to work with! – Rebel Annie

* * * * *

I like working with Jade because she is prompt, keeps in contact, and has a firm understanding of the English language.  Her proofreading has not only helped my stories shine but has also helped me grow as an author. I believe I am very fortunate to have found such a skilled editor. – Réalta, aka Star-Chaster

* * * * *

Jade is not only a wonderful writer, but a terrific editor as well! She has helped me improve my story all around, showing me where more description or characterization would be helpful. I hope to contract her services when working on my novel. – Erin, aka ErinM31


3 responses to “Testimonials

  1. she just had to comment.. you have such a beautiful name…

    Always, leorah_MF

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